Oil & Gas Site Development in Western North Dakota

Oil and gas sitework and site development in the bakken

Oil Site Development

Development for Oil Fields

How you develop around an oil field is crucial in how successful it will be. Let Western Excavation develop your site for you. Let us take care of all the dirt work for you at an efficient pace. Get ahold of our team to learn more on how to get started.

Site Reclamation

Reclaim Land for Proper Use

We specialize in site reclamation for farming or building use. Some land is just not fit for proper use and that’s where we come in. Whether that is irrigation for arid land, or smoothing out spoil areas, we are here for your project.

Site Reclamation and site clearing services in North Dakota

Flow Line Excavation

Excavate a Path for Your Flow Line

How your flow line path is created is important. Let Western Excavation do the work for you. We specialize in providing efficient flow line excavation service for your project. Get ahold of our team to get started. 

Pipeline Excavation

Get a Trench Excavated for Your Pipeline

Let Western Excavation create a reliable track for your pipeline. Excavating a large trench is an important step in pipeline construction. We specialize in just that and offer services with a quick turnaround. Get ahold of our team to get started.

Pipeline Excavation Contractor in ND
John Deere and a Cat Dozer working together to move dirt - Western Excavation
Culvert Installation

Get a Culvert Installed for Your Property

Maintaining a water flow between water ways and ditches is important in preventing flooding or erosion. Let Western Excavation be the experts in installing culverts on your property. Get ahold of our team to get started.

Aggregate Hauling

Get Aggregate Hauling for Your Project

Transporting sand, gravel, rock, dirt, or any other raw materials to your site can take a while and be expensive. Western Excavation provides hauling for your project efficiently and at an affordable price. To get started, get ahold of our team! 

Aggregate and hauling services in North Dakota
Fleet of construction equipment in North Dakota

Heavy Equipment Services

Equipment Services Needed for Your Project

Handling heavy equipment needs certification and it can be tough to find a company do this for you. Western Excavation provides heavy equipment services to handle whatever you need for your project. Get ahold of our team to get started.

Vegetation Eradication

Remove Unwanted Vegetation

There may be weeds, shrubs, trees, or any vegetation on your commercial property that may be causing a nuisance. We offer vegetation removal service in Bismarck, North Dakota. Call the experts to get the job done for you. Get ahold of our team to get started!

Vegetation Management in North Dakota - Land Clearing
Drone Footage of a construction site in Bismarck, ND - Western Excavation is a construction company in Bismarck
Right-of-Way Mowing

Mowing Alongside Streets & Highways

Mowing along highways and busy streets can be difficult and risky. Western Excavation provides right-of-way mowing service so you don’t have to worry about. Get ahold of our team to get started.

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