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What Goes Into Site Development

Whether you are just beginning a residential or commercial construction project, site development is required before anything. It sets the framework for everything that is constructed on top of your land. It ranges from soil testing to land clearing and excavation. It’s very important, but we are sure you are wondering what all goes into the site development process. Here are some of the steps that are completed in the process.

Site Surveying

Site surveying is the process of marking specific areas and points on your land to plan how everything will be laid out for construction. This is important as it lays out where roads, buildings, and other structures will be built. It’s a great way to organize your build plan and anticipate how everything will be spaced out.

site development

Site Clearing

This is the process of clearing out unnecessary obstacles such as trees, shrubs, and small hills to get the land ready for construction. Jobs such as grubbing and grading would be completed during this part of the process. This step usually takes some time as it gets the land prepared to hold your structure’s foundation. An efficient land clearing can lead to a successful project.

Site Investigation

site development

Investigation is the step when testing and sampling is done to learn about potential hazards or obstacles underground. Soil testing would be completed in this step and is imperative for figuring out if land is fit for supporting a structure. If you are starting a construction project, ad site investigation on your to-do list.

Site Plan Design

Since we conducted site surveying earlier, it will help us with our site plan design. This is the process of mapping out how your land will be laid out. This will help a lot during the actual construction phase and is not something to be skipped over.


The amount of work that goes into site development may be more than you thought. It will be very important to complete all steps in the site development if you want the most efficient space possible. If you are planning to start a project soon, get ahold of Western Excavation to get effective site development service.

If you are looking for site development services, get ahold of our team!

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